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People You Know Dr. Kristen Wells & Brenda VanHoosen

Dr. Kristen Wells & Brenda VanHoosen

​Dr. Kristen Wells and Brenda VanHoosen's friendship has been years in the making. 

They started out as co-workers, working on the same floor of St. Clare Hospital. Brenda, an optician, would often see Dr. Wells as she passed by her department on the way to an exam or a surgery. Some days, she'd stop for a chat.  

"I would often walk through," Dr. Wells says. "This sounds a little silly, but I wear glasses and, doing what I do, they get dirty. So, I was always going in there to ask them to clean my glasses. And Brenda was always there."

"We got to know her schedule, and eventually we all got to know each other," Brenda says. "We had fun in the hallways just chit-chatting. We'd talk about children and chickens."

"I have chickens and we raise them for eggs," Dr. Wells said.

In time, Dr. Wells and Brenda's friendship took on professional dimensions when Brenda was referred over for a breast cancer concern. "Everything was fine, but I got to know her even better then," Brenda said. "She was the doctor I'd always wished I could have. She was there for me."

In subsequent years Brenda has confronted other health issues, and Dr. Wells has continued to be there, as both a doctor and a friend. "She cares about you whether she's your doctor or not," Brenda said. "I wouldn't trade her for the world."

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