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People You Know Dr. Nathan Mustain & Harley Chapin

Dr. Nathan Mustain & Harley Chapin

​Two transplants to Baraboo whose lives have followed similar tracks.

Dr. Mustain and Harley Chapin are both transplants to the Baraboo area. They've lived in the Twin Cities and in the Central Midwest - and spent time as kids in rural Minnesota. These and other common experiences were the basis of their first conversations.

"We connected," Dr. Mustain says about his patient. "We had a similar path through life." But it isn't just geography that the two of them have in common. Both share a love of the outdoors, and an appreciation for the healing power of nature.

"Another thing I love encountering in my patients is an interest in making healthy decisions for themselves," said Dr. Mustain. "When they're interested in lifestyle as medicine, exercise and particularly outdoor activity. Harley is into all those things."

"I like being outdoors and working around the yard," said Harley. "I was raised in the outdoors. I always appreciated the outdoors and creation, but as you get older you have a tendency to wait that extra second or minute and ponder it a little bit more."

What other interests do Dr. Mustain and Harley share? "I pick around on the guitar when I can," Dr. Mustain said.

"I can hardly carry a tune," Harley said. "I play a mean air guitar." 

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