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Maternity Services Our Nurses

Our Nurses

​​Loving Care from Skilled Professionals

Obstetrics nurses at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Baraboo deliver today’s science with such love and concern that one can almost forget the nurses are highly skilled medical professionals. Many local doctors describe them as part nurses and part midwives.

Originally, nurses received little or no preparation for assisting in childbirth. The same was true of midwives, who have assisted women in giving birth since ancient times. Midwives still deliver more than two-thirds of the world’s infants. In Western countries, however, advances in obstetrics and gynecology meant childbearing shifted from the home to the hospital by the early 1900s. 

Today, technological advances in medicine and health have required nurses to be knowledgeable about sophisticated equipment, learn about an increasing number of medications and design care appropriate for a health care delivery system that’s undergoing rapid change.

Nurses in the obstetrics field deal with pregnancy, labor and the time immediately following childbirth. They also become involved in the psychological and social aspects of childbearing. Obstetrics nurses at SSM Health St. Clare have extensive training. These are just some of the highlights from their professional training, certifications and memberships: Neonatal Advanced Life Support; Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics; Electronic Fetal Monitoring; Lactation Consultant; Certified Childbirth Educations; Cardiopulmonary, Resuscitation Instructors; Counselors for “Resolve through Bereavement” Labor and Delivery Competency; Post-Partum Competency; Nursery Competency; Members of the Wisconsin Association of Perinatal Care; and members of Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses.